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In my classroom, I always had a theme week for the last week of school. Things like Lego My Monday, Wrap it Up Wednesday and Tidy Up Thursday. Fun activities that kept myself and the class focused on all the end of the year things that needed to get done, while also celebrating the community we have built over the year. 

As you start your own end of the year routines, please don't forget about your technology! Here are a few helpful ways to Tidy Up your Technology for the end of the school year. 

iPads - for 1:1 and ALL Classrooms
Have students help, or take over this project entirely!
  • Clear all pictures and videos off your iPads. 
  • Clean iPad screens with an electronics wipe or wrung out Clorox wipe. 
  • In Chrome and Safari, close out all tabs. 
  • For apps requiring a login - go into each app and logout IN THE APP. 
  • Swipe apps off the screen once all apps have been logged out. 
Follow  these iPad collection directions for packing up iPads. 

Staff Desktop or Laptop
These are not required, just helpful suggestions to help keep your work organized, keep you sane and your device running efficiently. 

From the great and powerful Luke: Write down your computer login information for the fall. Recovering passwords is not a pretty picture!

Delete your downloads, they are taking up too much space. 
Rumor has it a certain tech integrationist had a ridiculous amount of downloads slowing down her computer 😳  so you're not alone!
Go to your finder and select downloads

Use shift and click to select multiple downloads

Go to the settings icon and select move to trash
Empty your trash

Move files into Google Drive
Your computer should be doing this already if you went through the Google Drive migration. Having your files in Google Drive makes the accessible from anywhere and safe from getting deleted or lost! Click here for Directions on Google Drive Migration or contact a building tech coach. 

Delete files, pictures and videos you no longer need.

Important information for deleting shared files in Google Drive. 

Empty your trash.

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