What it looks like when Apps are pushed out to you

When an app is "pushed" out to your iPad or other mobile device, you need to click INSTALL and enter in your Apple ID password in order to download the app.

Other than five or six apps our Instructional Technology Team believes all teachers absolutely need to live, we will only push out purchased apps through this system. All other useful free apps to use in your classrooms will be shared with you via email, this blog, and twitter to reach as many people as possible!

Educreations - The Ultimate Whiteboard and General Instruction App

This may be old news for some of you, but we need to support staff to be able to use this basic teaching tool! 

EduCreations turns an iPad into a recordable whiteboard. You can insert multiple pictures, draw, and change slides, all while recording your voice. Videos can be uploaded and shared through the EduCreations website. Share your recordings with students through a link, or embed them on a website/blog. Students can upload projects and send you the link to watch it.

EduCreations App download link