Innovation @ 477 This Week - 3/3/17

This week we focus on innovative ways teachers have students demonstrating their learning.

smore @ PHS

Tammie Walker found an innovative way to use Smore, a resource many use for creating fliers or parent communication.
Tammie's students created a Smore flier to demonstrate their understanding of literary devices as they summarized a story. The result is a beautiful, multi-media presentation that allows students to share their unique style while demonstrating their learning.

I can see this project easily being adapted across curriculum and grade levels to allow students a creative and different way to show understanding and knowledge.

Click the link below to see a full project:

Mystery Locations @ IS

Brenda Baird had 5th grade students exploring locations around the world while learning how to navigate various features of Google Slides. Students in each class signed into a shared Google Slide presentation and were assigned a location. Together with a partner they had to research their location, and include information on their assigned slide. When completed, the students will go back into the presentation during tech class, and using the comments feature, try and guess the correct locations on each slide. Brenda was able to teach students how to use an important tech tool, including advanced features, while allowing students the opportunity to learn more about geography and research. 
Google has been a game changer in our ability to have students not only collaborate on assignments, but to also provide feedback! 

Math Books @ PS

Nicole Cook had students demonstrate their understanding of math concepts by creating their own math story problems. Students then turned these math problems into a story and put it all together as a book using the Book Creator app on the iPads. 

Personalized Learning 

Each of these examples allowed students to demonstrate their learning in a personalized manner while also gaining experience with new tech tools. Students in all these classes were also able to further develop their vital 21st Century Skills. I think these examples also show how we can take an assignment teachers have probably done for years into the world of technology. Students will be able to transfer the skills learned in these classes to all their classes and will become the experts in these technologies, able to teach their fellow students. 

Inspired? Check in with one of your building tech coaches to collaborate on how you can put a little innovation into your daily lessons.