Fear Factor, and Math with a POW


The culture of learning is being transformed by technology. How students take in information is very different in today's society than it was even five years ago, with easily accessed images, video, world information, blogs from leaders in industry, and social media, to name a few. How we, as educators, embrace that new culture and adapt our lessons to use technology tools can often create anxiety and skepticism.  Check out the article "5 Reasons Why Educators are Hesitant to Introduce Technology into the Classroom (and why they should anyway)" from digedu.com. The last of the five reasons addresses the fear of the unknown. Below is a short testimonial from Cindy Schmatz from North Elementary. She attended a short professional development session on iMovie in the morning and in the afternoon had students creating movie trailers.


Below are two short videos on POWTOONS, a Google extension app. One is my own creation and the other is Heather Kociemba at the high school explaining a math concept. Another great tool to present content in a different way.