New Gmail Phishing scam to watch for

Hello, we are hearing about a new email scam making the rounds and want to keep you informed. 
  • A new Gmail phishing attack is using legitimate emails and attachments from people you know to trick you into clicking on a message.
  • Clicking on the fake attachment directs victims to a fake Google login page. The only way to tell it isn't real is to look in your browser's address bar: Fake sites are preceded by data:text/html instead of something like 
  • If you use Chrome for Firefox browser, you can also look for the green padlock or word Secure in the top URL bar.  
Read the source artilce here:

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Your ISD 477 Technology Team
Princeton Public Schools 

What are Team Drives? A quick Google Drive update

Princeton has access to a new feature in Google Drive called Team Drives. You may have seen the icon on the left side of your Drive. 

Team Drives are like a shared folder, but with more features to better share documents with departments, PLCs or grade-levels.

Anyone in the group can add to the Team Drive to share. As people come and go within the groups, all the documents stay put and are usable by everyone.

Visit Google's Help Center for more information to get started today.