Want to keep track of things? Try Google Keep!

It seems like there is a never-ending stream of information for teachers, staff, and students to keep track of.  You write it down, but then that post-it note falls off your computer. Or you can't remember where you saved a file with some important info.

One possible solution is Google Keep.  It allows you to create notes that look like sticky notes, but with so much more power!  Here are a few great features you might like:

  • Title your notes
  • Choose a note color to keep yourself organized
  • Add a note reminder
  • Search your notes for any words in the title or body of the note
  • Share notes with colleagues
  • Tag notes with keywords (which allow you to pull up all notes with that tag)
  • Add images to your notes
  • Copy a note to a Google Doc if you need to do more work with it
  • Can access on mobile devices (iOS and Android) or on the web
Use them with your PLC to have shared notes with reminders.  Use different colored notes to keep track of different things (students, parents, PLC, grade level, etc.).  Collect information or data on students and tag with the student's name to find quickly.  Keep track of teaching resources, websites, etc. that you need to reference later and tag by subject or standard. The possibilities are endless!

To check it out, view the video below or visit https://keep.google.com/.

Use Plickers? Get Ready for Scoresheet!

If you already use the app Plickers, you probably love how you can get instant feedback from your students while only needing one device.  What you probably don't love is how you can't get data for more than one question at a time.  Well, not anymore! Plickers hass introducing a new feature: Scoresheet! Scoresheet will allow teachers to view student answers across multiple questions, making it much easier for teachers to see problem areas in teaching or students who might need a bit more help.

Read more about it here:  http://blog.plickers.com/introducing-plickers-scoresheet/

Free Mindset Videos for Kids From Class Dojo

Teachers in Princeton Public Schools are no stranger to the idea and importance of mindset, both in students and in staff.  Many teachers are even incorporating the idea of mindset into their teaching, specifically teaching students about mindset and how it applies to them as learners.  The makers of the Class Dojo app have just come out with a video series teaching students all about mindset.

There are five videos in the series; the first two videos ("A Secret About the Brain" and "Mistakes are Magic") are already out, and the remaining videos come out over the course of the next few weeks.  The videos are definitely geared toward younger learners, but they are relatively short and easily incorporated into a classroom discussion.  There is even a discussion guide for teachers, including a short take-home piece for students to share with parents and families (including a link to the video if they'd like to watch themselves).

View the Class Dojo videos here!