"One Take videos" and blog Introduction

Below is a short video introducing the Tiger Tech weekly blog postings entitled, "One Take Videos and Kahoot"; the topics of this week. As mentioned in the clip, recording a video in one take enables you to get content out to your audience very quickly without the hassle of editing. Most people, however, tend to get too concerned with editing and making the video look "professional". If your goal is to produce a professional video for the whole world to see, then, perhaps editing and enhancing the video is the way to go. But if your goal is to simply get a message out or explain a concept, then a short "raw" video can be just as effective. Instead of worrying about the video appearance, focus on strong content and a clear explanation ... and remember, it's okay to not be "perfect"! 

Marzano Lesson Segments

     Learning anything new has, to some degree, a learning curve. The same is true of the Marzano Framework that we are learning and utilizing in our school district. As administrators, teachers, and staff acquire more training on the concepts and framework of Marzano, there will be more aha! moments, where we just "get it" and understand what is being presented. Below is an excellent video put together by high school principals Barb Muckenhirn and Darin Laabs explaining one of their aha! moments; the structure of Lesson Segments. 

Marzano Definition: 
The Marzano Observation and Feedback Protocol identifies the 41 key strategies revealed by research for effective teaching presented in a robust, easy to understand model of instruction based on the Art and Science of Teaching. All 41 Key Strategies are organized into 9 Design Questions, which are further organized into 3 Lesson Segments.


Kahoot! is game-based classroom response system that motivates participation through game-based learning and rewards in a social setting ... essentially an interactive trivia game for students. Below are two short videos on Kahoots!: the first video explains the basic concept of Kahoot!, highlighting the benefits of assessment; the second video shows Kahoot! in action in Mr. Onstad's classroom at the middle school. The second video shows about a minute of interaction in the classroom and then an evaluation by the students. As you will see, a majority of students enjoyed the activity, with only a few negatives about the questions being timed and the student view not containing the answer selections. Overall, a very engaging and simple assessment.